A Short Review of “Vice” – A Film About Dick Cheney

Rating: 2.7/5.0

I recently broke down and went to the film “VICE” about Dick Cheney’s career, hoping to learn something new about this enigmatic man. I was pretty disappointed overall as it didn’t really provide any new information on what we already know about him.

However, there was a couple things the film brought up about his personal life. The film insinuates that Lynn Cheney’s father may have had something to do with his wife’s death. A funeral scene shows Dick Cheney confronting Lynne’s father with a cold silent gaze before he says “I don’t want you anywhere near my daughters or wife again” and walks away. If Cheney did that in Vice Film 2018 Posterreal life, I commend him for standing up for his family’s protection, instead of weakly remaining silent.

Otherwise, I became drowsy as I watched the well-known deeds of Cheney unfold on screen. It doesn’t really fill in any blanks about this man at all. The film’s attempts to portray Cheney as ruthless fell flat and bland, not achieving the impact it obviously intended.

The acting was the best part of the movie, as Christian Bale played the part of Cheney so well that I had to remind myself I was not watching the real man! He did Cheney expressions perfectly, from Cheney’s side glances as he speaks, to the way Cheney will say a few words, stop, continue with a few more words, stop, and continue. He even looked like him, especially as he ages.

Sam Rockwell plays George Bush Jr. and portrays a flawless scene where Bush is eating barbecued chicken on the outside patio of his Texas ranch as he talks Cheney into running as VP on his presidential ticket. Very realistic image of Bush.

Amy Adams plays Lynne Cheney, who’s ambitions for her husband’s political career almost seem to eclipse her husbands. And of course, Steve Carell does a brilliant job  playing Donald Rumsfeld, first as Nixon’s economic advisor and later as the Secretary of Defense under George Bush.

Overall, it was a disappointment due to the lack of new information, but the main character acting was brilliant and kept me from flat-out falling asleep. This might be a movie to pass over until you can rent it.


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One thought on “A Short Review of “Vice” – A Film About Dick Cheney

  1. I figured as much. No way will the establishment allow his real crimes to be paraded in front of the public, even if it is hollywood.

    Good & to the point review, though.


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