A Short Review of “Vice” – A Film About Dick Cheney

I recently broke down and went to the film “VICE” about Dick Cheney’s career, hoping to learn something new about this enigmatic man. I was pretty disappointed overall as it didn’t really provide any new information on what we already know about him. However, there was a couple things the film brought up about his personal life. The film insinuates that Lynn Cheney’s father may … Continue reading A Short Review of “Vice” – A Film About Dick Cheney

A Quick Look at Castles

Now is the time to visit Europe’s castles in honor of the European cultures. As you may notice, this site is basically under construction, but we plan to do a lot on European hiking, castles, history, cultures, and other beautiful things that European nations brought to the world. Stayed tuned, but in the meantime take a look at this documentary on Castles. Photo credit: By … Continue reading A Quick Look at Castles